What began as just a day spent playing with rainbow braids to escape the daunting COVID world we were living in, The Pride Project became the highlight of my career. The project began in 2020 as a single photo of perfectly done braids, by the talented Anita Jaffe, in bright colors to shine a little happiness. After being posted on social media, this photo spread across the world reaching dozens of countries and hundreds of thousands of individuals. The next photo to be published spread with the same wildfire and made its way to be displayed on gallery walls in 5 countries.

The Pride Project was truly formed when we started adding horses of every shape and color. The goal was to show that the humans in the equine industry were as diverse as the horses we own. The rainbow was a shining light to LGBTQ+ equestrians across the country and the world that they aren't alone. They are not the only ones and we are everywhere, united by our love of these four-legged creatures. In an industry where oftentimes it feels like we need to fit into a cookie-cutter image of perfection, The Pride Project became a reminder that every single one of us is unique, accepted, and valued.


Proceeds from prints are donated to local pride organizations.

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The Pride Project 2022 Session Giveaway

This year we are excited to be giving a session to a member of the LGBTQ+ and equestrian communities. The application form will be open through June 30th to collect your stories! After the application has closed we will read each and every one of your experiences and we will chose one person to receive a $400 gift card which can go towards a portrait session of their choice. Applying is as easy as filling out the form below and telling us your story in as many or as few words as you would like.

*One applicant will be chosen at the completion of the application period. This is not a random draw and will be evaluated objectively. Our decision is final. Normal mileage rates do apply beyond the standard Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga NY area. Sessions may be scheduled in and around Ocala, Fl without mileage if coordinated with our show schedule.