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Trail rides in the middle of August, laughing with friends. Early show mornings, loading our wrapped and braided horses on a trailer in the dark with nervous butterflies. A quiet autumn evening with a favorite mare, under a rising moon listening to her grazing. The great joys and comforts of the horse world are my home.

My name is Darian, I am one part equestrian and one part photographer. When the two come together, I am at my happiest. The greatest joy in my life is freezing the moment in time that you can feel the bond between a horse and its person.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I picked up my first camera. In 2012, making it a career started to become a reality. Now, many long show days, rolling fields, beautiful horses, and their incredible humans, later it is my everyday life and I am living in an absolute dream.

My greatest pride and joy in this amazing adventure has been the ability to create art that exemplifies the beauty and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. The Pride collection has been featured in galleries across the globe. Its significance isn't in the buildings it hangs in, but in the individuals that it reaches. We all belong in this world and we all build each other up every single day. You are never alone.

Darian Quinn camera hunter horse in traverse city, World Equestrian Center Photographer

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Krystal W.

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"Darian has taken countless photos for me, during equine portrait sessions, at horse shows, and for family portraits, and each time, the resulting photos have brought me to tears. She has an indescribable talent to capture the emotion, love, and pride in every moment, and always does so with a wonderful sense of humor and utmost professionalism. I feel like I owe her so much more than her reasonable fees for all of the memories she has captured for me in such a perfect way."

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