Q2 Photography was founded in 2010 as a business dedicated to exceptional equine and canine photography...

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I find my inspiration in making my clients happy. I don't take photos to win contests or fill a gallery; I shoot to see the smile that a well-done photo brings to the subject (or in the case of animal photography, the subject's human). There are few joys that compare to a beautiful photo that will last a lifetime. A photo that can take you back to a happy moment in time.

I started my career early, being hesitantly brought into an Intro to  Photography class with Steven Honicki. This class, and all the classes following, would push me out of my comfort zone to take an artistically correct photo that made a viewer think and admire. Since then I have won numerous awards and been featured in galleries. My love for photography is fed on the rail at a horse show or shooting a portrait session with a four-legged creature involved.

-Darian Quinn

Photo at left captured by Alyssa Dumblewski Photography

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